Enteprise Solutions

Maximising the Availability and reliability of your systems

All of ITMS Ltd’s solutions could be described as Enterprise class solutions.

Whether the requirement is for a small business network, through to a technology refresh to a data centre supporting hundreds of users.

Every requirement is analysed, and understood - and where necessary challenged, to ensure that the final, successfully delivered solution, not only supports the requirements of today, but forms the foundation for any future needs that the clients business may bring.

In terms of technology solutions however, Enterprise Solutions tends to describe not only the methodologies, but also the hardware and software used to develop solutions for large data centres.

This hardware and software tends to address the need of larger organisations to have highly available computer environments, due to operating constraints of one kind or another. Such technologies utilised in this area may be clustering, storage area networks, backup silos, data replication and equipment redundancy.

ITMS Ltd have an impressive track record for delivering highly available, and resilient technology solutions to keep your business running.

Please contact us for more information: info@itmsltd.net

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