Tech Care

ITMS work with care homes and charities such as Childline and one of Gibraltar´s largest residential care homes.  Our Unified Communications Solutions devise, provide and implement unique and bespoke communication systems needed to match today´s requirements for each and every one.  As a chosen partner with State Care Homes and charities we provide the ability for the residents, staff, others in need to communicate in different ways locally and globally easily, swiftly and safely.  Within a secure and innovative network devised for them and the establishment they safely connect with loved ones, friends, colleagues, carers, helpers and thrid parties.

Because we Care

ITMS are aware of the delicate nature of this work and we consider all needs when installing communications systems into homes.  We are considerate in ensuring work is conducted quietly yet swiftly and securely ensuring residents can happily connect with those outside the homes.


It is imperative and second nature for us to work with the upmost respect with the residents in mind and adhering to the homes and their bespoke requirements at all times when setting up video, security, telecommunications and tailored networks for you and them.




ITMS can supply and set-up multi device usage for residents and carers to be either shared or for individuals yet all with secure profile accounts across phone and video. ITMS can also allow all carers the ability to work remotely when needed across office files and communications securely.


ITMS Unified Communications provides care homes and charities with more communication, information and convenience than ever before. Applications are available that can enhance the lives of people of all ages and needs with technology that can enhance day-to-day activity.

ITMS CARING TECH – Allowing us all to be part of the future now