ITMS Remote Working Solutions

ITMS with Microsoft 365 Business we are providing corporate discount packages for a limited time to help local companies organise the implementation of staff working remotely safely.

ITMS Make it Happen

ITMS will set up, migrate and supply support all the way through the process and as always provide an ongoing rapid response service.

Rapid Response

With Microsoft we can set-up installation with an easy to use system that protects sensitive company information leaving your organisation.

Stay Safe

Best Desk In Town

Real time collaboration for teams and individuals, stays up and running always.  Provides advanced security features.

Multi-device usage with protection against loss or data copying and allows for better productivity, less energy costs and emissions and staff have the ability to answer the office phones from wherever they are.


Official government statistics and census provides statistics on people working remotely, or as they are know “Telecommuters”

Flipping Numbers

76% of workers said they would be more loyal to their employers if they were given flexible work options.

61% of global companies currently allow their staff to have some sort of remote working policy.


Globally working from home and remote locations has grown 159% since 2005, more than 11x faster than the rest of the workforce.

Look Again

85% of 15,000 businesses confirmed that greater location flexibility leads to increased productivity.

the back

61% of people have left or have considered leaving a job due to a lack of work flexibility.


80% of people said that when faced with two similar jobs, they would turn down the position that didn’t offer flexible working conditions.

Flipping Stats

77% of people surveyed say that working from home has improved their overall health and wellbeing.

62% of remote workers want employers to provide better technology that helps them stay connected with their colleagues

Just clever working with ITMS


We can arrange demonstrations of Microsoft services either remotely via video or at clients offices on how to work safely remotely.  Demonstrations can booked via the contact page.